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Breeder Referral & Rescue

If you are interested to acquire a Norwich Terrier puppy, please contact  Cary Trexler at He will put you in touch with reputable breeders from West Coast region.

Our club also occasionally places Norwich Terrier rescues with suitable home. 

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For the last few years, Cairn Terriers with docked tails have been sold to an unsuspecting public as Norwich Terriers at highly inflated prices. Some have been imported from Russia and Eastern Europe (primarily Hungary), others have been bred in the United States. Some are registered with one of the many registries that the puppy mills have created for themselves and are sold with meaningless papers and pedigrees. None were registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

When the buyer discovered the fraud there was little he or she could do about it. Proving in court that the puppy they purchased is not a Norwich Terrier is expensive and close to impossible. Returning the puppy to the seller (if that was even offered) is out of the question for these buyers.

In 2005, a bolder type of puppy mill operator appeared on the scene and we began to find Cairns or mixed breeds with docked tails, who ARE registered with the American Kennel Club as purebred Norwich. Because these dogs were registered with the AKC, the Norwich Terrier Club could do something about this fraud. Trying to prove to the AKC that these imposters were not purebred Norwich took months of
work, but we finally were able to do so. A bonus for us happened when the AKC updated its computer system to find dogs by their name, instead of just an AKC registration number.

In a single day, 23 litters, which included 53 individuals, were removed from the Norwich Terrier Registry. This allows buyers who have been duped by unscrupulous breeders to sue for fraud and recoup their losses. Impostor Norwich are being removed from our Registry on an on going basis.

Whether these puppies were AKC registered or not, they have one thing in common… THEY WERE BOUGHT SIGHT UNSEEN OFF AN INTERNET WEBSITE


How Can I Be Sure The Puppy I Purchase Is A Purebred Norwich Terrier?
By doing your homework and finding a responsible breeder. You have taken the first step by coming to this website and reading the information that is offered here and then going to our Breeder Referral section.

Of course there are responsible breeders who are not members of the NTCA and the best place to find them is your local dog show. To find a dog show in your area, go to the AKC website at, click on Events, and search for shows in your area.

You are purchasing a puppy who will be a member of your family for many years to come. Choose the breeder you buy your puppy from carefully and be sure the puppy is a purebred by doing your homework and buying from a reputable breeder.  Ask NTCNC or our national club, Norwich Terrier Club of America (NTCA) club members for referrals.  

NOTE: An American Kennel Club DNA number simply proves who the sire and dam of an individual are, it DOES NOT guarantee that the puppy/dog is a purebred Norwich Terrier. Buyer Beware!